17 Mart 2013 Pazar


The natural white of this clay quite simply,works for me.We are really down to 'truth to material'and I love that this honesty is reflected in that it is 'hand made'.We as humans have always looked to the nature for inspiration ..I love to take closer look,particularly at plants,astheir forms are just incredible in design.Design which,knowing the nature of clay,is certainly challenging logistically,makes the process all the more exciting.In essence,the flowers are a springboard for an abundant source of inspiration.
Because of the relative 'softness'of clay,I am able to spend hours sanding,creating ultra fine edges,sharp point and silky feel which contributes hugely to the overall affect.Although it can have heart palpitating moment,I find it a calming medium to be working in.Clay has a language of its own,combined with hands;there is a union of these two entities...


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