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BEYMEN,the Turkish fashion industry's leading brand carries international brands in its   store.It offers thousand of product alternatives under the sub-brands Beymen Home,Beymen Kids,Beymen Bridal,Beymen Chocolate.

The Zorlu Center Mall, in keeping with the cultural diversity of the city itself, will offer different alternatives for different needs, featuring a broad selection of restaurants, cafes and hundreds of global brands sure to appeal both to İstanbul residents and to guests from around the world. 

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5 Mayıs 2013 Pazar

13 Nisan 2013 Cumartesi


       House&Leisure's concept was 'Celebrating Iconic South African Design' Indaba 2013
It was pround to see our designers 
      Porky Hefer, Haldane Martin,Astrid Dahl, Anatomy Design,Vogel,Ronel Jordaan


Megan Hesse&AndreaKleinloog

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                                                                                                Nisan Ayı Instyle Home Dergisi Kreatörümüz Yelda Bayraktar Hefer ın yaşamına yer verdi.

17 Mart 2013 Pazar


The natural white of this clay quite simply,works for me.We are really down to 'truth to material'and I love that this honesty is reflected in that it is 'hand made'.We as humans have always looked to the nature for inspiration ..I love to take closer look,particularly at plants,astheir forms are just incredible in design.Design which,knowing the nature of clay,is certainly challenging logistically,makes the process all the more exciting.In essence,the flowers are a springboard for an abundant source of inspiration.
Because of the relative 'softness'of clay,I am able to spend hours sanding,creating ultra fine edges,sharp point and silky feel which contributes hugely to the overall affect.Although it can have heart palpitating moment,I find it a calming medium to be working in.Clay has a language of its own,combined with hands;there is a union of these two entities...


16 Şubat 2013 Cumartesi


Güney Afrikalı yeni tasarımcıların eserlerini sizlerle paylaşmak istedik.
Kış mevsiminin ardından  farklı aksesuar ve mobilyalarla 
daha fazla seçenekleri  sizlerin beğenisine sunduk.


26 Eylül 2012 Çarşamba

Turkish Delights

  • The little boutiques around Galata include a lot of great vintage shops — you just have to go there and walk around. In Kurucesme, there is a fantastic home design store called Nicol (above; Kurucesme Caddesi 65; 011-90-212-265-4000;nicol.com.tr.), where I just got some amazing handmade vases by a South African artist. As for the famous Grand Bazaar, you need to spend the day there and preferably go on a Monday morning, the only really empty time. Courtesy of Nicol
  • In the summer, the place to go is Anjelique (above; Salhane Sokak 5; 011-90-212-327-2844; anjelique.com.tr), a nightclub right on the Bosporus. It’s a hip crowd with great D.J.’s playing house music. I like to eat sushi at Zuma next door, have a taste of clubbing at Anjelique, then go home. In the winter the bar at Ulus 29, on a hilltop overlooking the Bosporus, is fantastically cozy (Yol Sokak 1; 011-90-212-358-2929; group-29.com). Ali Bekman/courtesy of Autoban
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Simone Falcetta
The designer Umit Benan Sahin, 31, has caught the attention of the fashion world with his namesake men’s-wear collection and his designs for the venerable Italian brand Trussardi. He works in Milan, but he replenishes his creative energy in his hometown of Istanbul. Here, he describes a few of his favorite spots in the city by the Bosporus.
A version of this article appeared in print on 09/23/2012, on page M224 of the NewYork edition with the headline: Turkish Delights.